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Back to Our Roots

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

In May of 2017 Skip and Shellye Copeland, and their family and friends opened Rolling Fork Takery, first as a test kitchen, delivering to local businesses in Hochatown, before opening the front doors to the public. The idea came to Skip and he made the decision to leave behind the desk of a corporation to pursue the freedom of entrepreneurship. The Copeland’s took a giant risk by purchasing an outdated Route 66 diner and transforming it into the modern deli It is now. The key in this transition for Skip was to keep the casual vibe alive, while also having to almost completely renovate the building. This, in part, gave him the idea of the outdoor seating, seeking a nature inspired feel while people are enjoying their food and leisure time with family and friends. When looking for inspiration, the Copelands traveled to different eateries, specifically in larger cities, drawing inspiration from several a-la-carte style restaurants. When asked more about the unique concept  behind the idea Skip added, “I thought to myself, what would fit in Hochatown, not necessarily just what type of food was missing,  but to fit the lifestyle of the people living in and visiting Hochatown.”  The most important aspect to Skip was letting people know what to expect from Rolling Fork before ever seeing the menu. With no wait staff, this is no ordinary sit-down, table cloth, fork and knife wrapped in the napkin restaurant. At the same time, however, the friendly atmosphere you feel as soon as you walk in represents what the Copeland’s feel Hochatown and what being on Hochatime means. Even all the clocks are stopped at certain times to represent that when you’re here, the time doesn’t matter. It’s a place to relax, eat wholesome food that is good for you, and have a good time. “People will seek out the different,” added Skip. Back to Our Roots refers the Copelands enveloping themselves back to nature, sharing the food the way their ancestors used to, using only fresh fruits and vegetables from mostly local growers and farmers. This also refers to using foods with no preservatives, nitrites, or fillers; like the chemicals found in most deli meats and processed foods. This was very important to Skip when opening Rolling Fork, saying that he wanted people to be able to leave the Takery feeling full of the delicious AND wholesome foods, but also still able to spend their time in Hochatown enjoying nature, whether that means going on hikes, boat rides, or just spending time together outside or in a cabin. The unique grill/deli concept was not something seen very commonly in a lot of places, especially Hochatown. One that focuses on the wholesome, nutritious, farm-to-fork, artisan cooking that the Takery offers. The self-serve Takery refers to the grab & go deli located just inside the front doors and includes gourmet salads, specialty dips, wholesome soups, and much, much more! The grill also sets Rolling Fork aside from similar options in the area, offering only choice meats, including the ribeye steak for Carne Asada tacos, prime angus for all sliders, and Skip’s famous wings that are absolutely to die for! Talking to Shellye, the marketing guru and true engine behind it all, she said Skip’s idea of opening the Takery took her by surprise but what gave her the sense of security she needed came about six months after opening when Yelp’s algorithm declared Rolling Fork Takery the #1 new place to eat in Oklahoma in 2018. She also reiterated how rewarding it is to have the ability to support local farmers and growers and donating any and all leftovers to the local petting zoo/wildlife refuge, “it all really came full circle.” Skip says his future goals are to expand the kitchen, seating and parking lot.   He wants to continue to offer people the experience of eating good, feeling good about what they’re eating and to feel relaxed at the Takery.  He also wants people to not only return to Rolling Fork, but most importantly Hochatown. Written by: Kyler Donaldson

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